Bathroom graffiti in a rest stop: “you are beautiful and so loved”
Anyone needs to read that
But I really really needed that
Thank you whoever sat on that stinky toilet and took the time to write that on the bathroom stall.



We leave for Washington in three hours and I haven’t slept yet.


I still feel pretty shitty and slept and cried most of the day but I am thankful for those that put up with me. Thankyou my oldest friend and I’m so sorry. Thank you to the stranger. And I do not need to seek the attentions of those who don’t value me.

I’m hoping this will clear my head because I think desert living is just really really getting to me.


I literally have no future and I don’t know why I cling to this stupid life so much waiting for what and what do I honestly think is going to happen
I only have so much fight in me and my life is no better than it was a decade ago and I am still alone and still unhappy and still pathetic and I can’t tell anyone and I don’t know who to go to but I need someone and I need someone’s hand and I don’t know what to do or if I’m supposed to do anything at all but this is it and this is death on earth and I think I’m being punished to watch them flourish and forget and I long for strangers and deceivers and liars and they whisper laughter in my ear at night under the blankets there is no where for me to go now I am stuck I need guidance I can’t do it on my own I’m nearly 3 decades and I’m no better off than a 15 year old and I’m dying

I can’t afford medical until November but I need to hold out until I can talk to someone because I need to talk to someone

This isn’t good

Can’t do it

Having an actual nervous breakdown
What the what is going on why
Wow I’m so fucking lonely

I hate a lot of things right now but at least I got my hands on this little beauty.

I hate a lot of things right now but at least I got my hands on this little beauty.

Have you ever been so done with things that you’re just done because I’m pretty done right now, let me tell ya what.


Marie Antoinette, 2006


Marie Antoinette, 2006

So I guess I didn’t just stub my toe like an idiot three times in a row the other day and I actually whoopsies sprained it.
Purple, yellow, blue, green, red. It looks like I’ve painted it a pretty thing.